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Manuel Garca
RCDRL Member # 765
Active Member

Stats for Elimination Rounds
Manuel Garca
All Classes
4Round Wins
0.191Avg R/T
Manuel Garca
All Classes
144Round Wins
0.128Avg R/T

Show Stats Vs.:

Class Stats:

Class Bests for Manuel Garca
includes qualifying and elimination rounds
Head to Head
Traxxas Pro Funny Car       2.124 sec       .000 RT   104 laps
Traxxas Sportsman Funny Car       2.359 sec       .000 RT   148 laps
Pro Mod       1.586 sec       .009 RT   34 laps
Pro Stock       1.854 sec       .011 RT   63 laps
Index       .075 off dial       .033 RT6 laps
All Run       .137 off dial       .057 RT22 laps
Quick-Bracket       .003 off dial       .001 RT61 laps
Street Eliminator       .001 off dial       .022 RT94 laps

Best RT: 0.000   •   Best ET: 1.586   •   Best MPH: 69.0

Race History
  2nd Annual Jimmy RAINMAN Schauer Memorial - 03/09/19
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.258RT2.682ET48.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.133RT2.669ET48.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.225RT2.727ET47.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Markowski
R20.194RT3.862ET25.0 mphRight LnDefeated Scott Davis
R30.246RT7.145ET15.0 mphLeft LnLost to Carl RussellDQ
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.227RT64.999ETRight LnDQ
Q20.146RT64.999ETLeft LnDQ
R10.154RT6.184ET28.0 mphRight LnLost to Scott Davis
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.196RT2.830ET1.7 mphRight LnDQ
Q20.201RT2.895ET43.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.125RT2.966 on 2.800 Dial40.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Norris Graves
R20.189RT2.884 on 2.850 Dial41.0 mphRight LnDefeated Joshua Mercadel
R30.201RT3.214 on 2.850 Dial40.0 mphLeft LnLost to Chris Markowski
  2018 YourBatteryBuddy.com Finals - 10/27/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.081RT2.520ETLeft Ln
Q20.121RT2.488ETRight Ln
R10.076RT2.493ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Markowski
R20.067RT2.488ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Kelli Garca
R30.132RT2.444ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Colby Taylor
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.112RT2.132ETLeft Ln
Q20.072RT2.175ETRight Ln
R10.112RT2.269ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Barry Jungjohan
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.176RT2.688ETLeft Ln
Q20.164RT2.771ETRight Ln
R10.240RT3.343 on 2.720 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.DQ
  Summit Racing Equipment RC Fall Nationals - 10/20/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.103RT2.570ETLeft Ln
Q20.117RT2.601ETRight Ln
R10.961RT2.550ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Markowski
R20.126RT2.579ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Bill Wagner
R30.157RT2.653ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Scott Davis
R40.065RT2.623ETLeft LnDefeated Eric Bowman
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.171RT64.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.114RT2.387ETRight Ln
R10.070RT2.299ETLeft LnDefeated Eric BowmanHoleshot
R20.051RT2.465ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R30.717RT2.676ETRight LnDefeated Randy Mayhew
R40.065RT2.432ETLeft LnDefeated Scott Davis
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.154RT2.944ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.222RT2.862ETRight Ln
R10.184RT3.007 on 3.850 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Eric HancockBreakout
R20.135RT2.834 on 2.850 DialRight LnLost to Randy MayhewBreakout
  2nd Annual Garca Motorsports Nationals - 09/15/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.080RT2.580ETRight Ln
Q20.005RT2.563ETLeft Ln
R10.140RT2.532ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Annalisa Poddighe
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.078RT2.427ETRight Ln
Q20.182RT2.335ETLeft Ln
R10.044RT2.375ETLeft LnLost to Michael Mercadel
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.021RT2.012ETRight Ln
Q20.033RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
R1-0.089RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Ronald JacksonRedlight DQ
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.154RT2.759ETRight Ln
Q20.170RT3.673ETLeft LnDQ
R10.122RT2.841 on 2.700 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jonathan Waggoner
R20.198RT2.857 on 2.750 DialRight LnDefeated Jeff Chambers
R30.127RT2.862 on 2.800 DialRight LnDefeated Mike Pfeil
R40.111RT2.895 on 2.880 DialRight LnDefeated Matthew Munson
  Paul Miller Custom Pools RC Nationals - 08/25/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.044RT2.474ETRight Ln
Q20.027RT2.483ETLeft Ln
R1-0.030RT2.594ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Heather BowmanRedlight
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.085RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.118RT2.380ETLeft Ln
R10.100RT2.537ETLeft LnLost to Heather BowmanDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.053RT1.902ETRight Ln
Q20.050RT1.891ETLeft Ln
R10.053RT1.941ET54.0 mphLeft LnLost to Mason Cooley
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.242RT2.740ETRight Ln
Q20.185RT2.784ETLeft Ln
R10.239RT2.745 on 2.680 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Matthew Munson
  Paradise RC Nationals - 08/18/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.017RT2.481ETRight Ln
Q20.050RT2.488ETLeft Ln 127°
R1-0.001RT2.441ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Matthew MunsonRedlight 127°
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.026RT2.303ETRight Ln
Q2-0.018RT2.382ETLeft LnRedlight DQ 127°
R10.138RT2.530ETRight LnLost to Randy MayhewDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.038RT1.980ETRight LnRedlight 125°
Q20.051RT1.893ETLeft Ln
R10.040RT1.943ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Darvione Huddleston
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.154RT1.956ETRight Ln
Q20.163RT2.731ETLeft Ln
R10.296RT59.990 on 1.880 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Steve Nigri
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.020RT4.560ETRight Ln
Q20.092RT2.371ETLeft Ln
R159.990RT59.990ETRight LnLost to Mason Cooley 127°
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.114RT2.761ETRight Ln 125°
Q20.105RT2.809ETLeft Ln 127°
R10.211RT2.912 on 2.700 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Jayme BatesDQ
  HobbyTown USA Texas Summer Nationals - 07/28/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.089RT2.436ETRight Ln
Q20.120RT2.421ETLeft Ln 127°
R10.129RT2.461ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Trace Faulkner
R20.126RT2.414ETLeft LnLost to Carl Russell
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.005RT2.456ETRight Ln 124°
Q2-0.001RT64.999ETLeft LnRedlight DQ 127°
R10.118RT2.295ETLeft LnLost to Eric Bowman
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.561RT2.937ETRight Ln
Q20.128RT1.906ETLeft Ln
R10.225RT1.922 on 1.850 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Kelly McCart
R20.264RT1.914 on 1.900 DialLeft LnLost to Norris Graves
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.187RT2.919ETRight Ln
Q20.165RT3.479ETLeft Ln
R10.174RT2.848 on 2.850 DialLeft LnLost to Dewayne ShipmanBreakout
  The North Carrier Automotive Nationals - 07/14/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q1-0.006RT2.486ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.177RT2.465ETLeft Ln 127°
R10.815RT2.498ET49.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Marc Gosselin
R20.132RT2.486ET51.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Annalisa Poddighe
R30.099RT2.436ET52.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Markowski
R40.070RT2.440ET51.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Bill Nelson
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.099RT2.163ETRight Ln 127°
Q20.118RT4.050ETLeft Ln 127°
R10.164RT2.189ET65.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jazmine Hernandez
R20.100RT2.159ET67.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Joshua Mercadel
R30.152RT2.583ET63.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) ByeDQ
R40.090RT2.306ET64.0 mphLeft LnDefeated Chad HowardHoleshot
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.092RT2.179ETRight LnDQ
Q20.084RT1.968ET69.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.066RT6.507ET17.0 mphLeft LnLost to Chris HernandezDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.043RT5.685ETRight LnDQ 127°
Q20.046RT3.184ETLeft Ln 127°
R10.038RT3.508ET32.0 mphLeft LnLost to Jeremy MillerDQ
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.183RT2.795ETRight Ln
Q20.148RT2.861ETLeft Ln
R10.204RT2.808 on 2.780 Dial45.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Colby Taylor
R20.291RT2.876 on 2.780 Dial39.0 mphLeft LnDefeated Jayme Bates
R30.165RT2.837 on 2.780 Dial45.0 mphRight LnLost to Matthew Munson
  Rockstar Powder Coat US Super Nationals - 06/24/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.139RT2.538ETLeft Ln
Q20.071RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.064RT2.600ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Trace Faulkner 124°
R20.112RT2.462ETLeft LnDefeated Chris Hernandez
R30.125RT2.359ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Scott Davis 127°
R40.194RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Zack ShiversDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.059RT2.028ETLeft LnDQ 127°
Q20.021RT2.057ETRight Ln
R1-0.067RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Jerry ShieldsRedlight DQ
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.108RT1.830ETLeft Ln
Q20.057RT1.906ETRight Ln
R1-0.023RT1.921 on 1.820 Dial68.1 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Steve NigriRedlight 112°
Pro Stock (1s)
Q159.990RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
Q20.092RT1.858ETLeft LnDQ
R10.076RT2.359ETRight LnDefeated Troy Millard 124°
R20.049RT2.854ETRight LnLost to Michael Willis 123°
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.159RT2.963ETLeft Ln
Q20.164RT2.853ETRight Ln
R10.179RT2.802 on 2.800 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Colt Mares
  RC Divas Nationals - 06/16/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.024RT2.507ETLeft Ln
Q20.161RT2.455ETRight Ln
R10.121RT2.633ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Hernandez 127°
R20.120RT3.306ETLeft LnDefeated Eric Bowman
R30.085RT2.483ETLeft LnLost to Bill Wagner
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.077RT11.476ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.128RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.041RT2.017ETLeft LnLost to Robert St. Pierre
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.034RT1.966ETLeft Ln 127°
Q20.063RT1.936ETRight Ln
R1-0.492RT2.199 on 1.900 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated James WareRedlight
R20.090RT1.908 on 1.950 DialRight LnLost to Norris GravesBreakout
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.079RT2.471ETLeft Ln 121°
Q20.061RT2.331ETRight Ln 127°
R10.057RT1.902ETLeft LnDefeated Mason Cooley 127°
R20.040RT2.345ETRight LnLost to Jeremy Miller
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.139RT2.980ETLeft Ln 121°
Q20.167RT2.804ETRight Ln 127°
R10.189RT2.799 on 2.800 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Colby TaylorBreakout
  The Little Rascals Spring Nationals - 05/26/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.020RT2.483ETRight Ln 127°
Q20.078RT2.469ETRight Ln
R10.121RT2.428ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated James Ware
R20.127RT2.424ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Kelli Garca
R30.041RT2.485ETLeft LnLost to Eric Bowman 118°
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.009RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
Q2-0.011RT2.334ETRight LnRedlight
R1-0.010RT1.850ETLeft LnDefeated Douglas CrewsRedlight
R20.018RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Duwayne CooleyDQ
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.043RT7.577ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.079RT1.979ETRight LnRedlight 127°
R10.093RT1.968 on 1.900 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Joel ShipmanHoleshot
R20.094RT1.990 on 1.900 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Joshua Mercadel 127°
R30.035RT2.063 on 1.900 DialLeft LnLost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.070RT2.509ETLeft LnDQ 127°
Q20.072RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
R10.083RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Jill MillerDQ
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.022RT2.984ETLeft Ln
Q20.118RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
R10.170RT2.954 on 2.900 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Matthew Munson
  Shipman's Snack Service Nationals - 05/12/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.099RT2.472ETLeft Ln 85°
Q20.065RT2.466ETRight Ln
R10.120RT2.416ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Tessa Pfeil
R20.067RT2.491ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Hernandez 118°
R30.067RT2.473ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Alex Garca 111°
R40.064RT2.455ETLeft LnLost to Bill Nelson
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.070RT2.037ETLeft LnDQ 103°
Q20.012RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.071RT2.079ETRight LnDefeated Dewayne Shipman
R2-0.041RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Ant WrenRedlight
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.036RT2.655ETLeft Ln
Q20.144RT2.864ETRight Ln
R10.107RT2.014ETLeft LnDefeated Davey Goff
R2-0.029RT2.494ETRight LnDefeated Casey BakerRedlight 118°
R30.120RT2.606ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jazmine Hernandez 111°
R4-0.010RT2.556ETLeft LnLost to Jeremy MillerRedlight
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.174RT4.157ETLeft Ln 95°
Q20.187RT2.908ETRight Ln
R10.211RT2.856 on 2.850 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Randy Mayhew
  Allmark Impressions Thunder Nationals - 04/14/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.132RT2.704ETLeft Ln 81°
Q20.083RT2.583ETRight Ln
Q359.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln
R10.010RT2.761ETRight Ln (Choice) ByeDQ
R20.031RT2.980ETLeft LnDefeated Annalisa Poddighe 89°
R30.090RT3.193ETRight LnDefeated Alex Garca
R4-0.006RT2.625ETLeft LnLost to Eric BowmanRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.017RT1.586ETRight LnDQ
Q2-0.071RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.038RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Duwayne CooleyDQ
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.174RT2.054ETRight Ln
Q20.046RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.001RT2.026 on 1.900 DialRight LnLost to Steve Nigri
Pro Stock (1s)
Q159.999RT59.999ETRight LnDQ 91°
Q20.128RT2.411ETRight Ln
R10.079RT59.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Mason CooleyDQ 100°
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.209RT3.277 on 3.250 DialRight Ln 97°
Q20.130RT3.098ETLeft Ln
R10.127RT59.999 on 2.990 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Joel Shipman 93°
R20.115RT2.931 on 2.990 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Paxton PfeilBreakout
  The Garca Cafe Nationals - 03/17/18
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.055RT2.745ETLeft Ln
Q20.144RT2.866ETRight Ln
Q30.034RT2.531ETLeft Ln
R10.156RT2.527ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Piper Munson
R20.119RT2.953ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Heather Bowman
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.043RT2.075ETLeft LnRedlight
Q2-0.068RT59.999ETRight LnRedlight DQ
R10.056RT11.506ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Hernandez
R20.047RT2.030ETLeft LnDefeated Alex Garca
R359.990RT59.990ETRight LnLost to Robert St. PierreDQ
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.092RT17.270ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.205RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
Q30.201RT2.940ETRight Ln
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.011RT4.458ETRight LnDQ
Q20.091RT2.761ETRight Ln
R1-0.038RT1.854ETLeft LnDefeated Jerry ShieldsRedlight
R20.086RT2.765ETLeft LnLost to Jeremy Miller
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.134RT3.294ETLeft Ln
Q20.164RT13.117ETRight LnDQ
Q30.176RT3.478ETRight Ln
R10.118RT3.351 on 3.350 DialLeft LnDefeated Jeff Chambers
R20.239RT3.207 on 3.250 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Zack ShiversBreakout
R30.209RT3.277 on 3.250 DialRight LnLost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.
  YourBatteryBuddy.com Texas Finals - 10/07/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.056RT2.632ET48.3 mphLeft Ln
Q20.146RT2.773ET48.3 mphRight Ln
R10.092RT2.700ET49.7 mphLeft LnLost to JD Crow
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.067RT2.281ET62.5 mphRight Ln
Q20.084RT2.153ET63.7 mphRight Ln
R10.172RT2.189ET63.7 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated JD Crow
R20.043RT2.260ET61.9 mphRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R30.052RT2.164ET61.9 mphRight LnDefeated Eric BowmanHoleshot
R40.010RT2.151ET62.5 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Joshua MercadelDQ
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.067RT1.867ET66.8 mphLeft Ln
Q20.006RT1.998ET62.5 mphRight Ln
R1-0.015RT1.885 on 1.820 Dial64.9 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Scott DavisRedlight
R20.077RT1.883 on 1.850 Dial64.9 mphRight LnDefeated Mike Barge
R30.069RT1.892 on 1.850 Dial66.1 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Robert St. Pierre
R40.098RT1.904 on 1.870 Dial65.5 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Chris Markowski
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.126RT3.692ET31.5 mphRight Ln
R10.205RT3.744 on 3.570 Dial31.1 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Randy Mayhew
R20.078RT3.681 on 3.700 Dial31.4 mphRight LnLost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.Breakout
  Garca Motorsports Fall Nationals - 09/30/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.178RT2.576ET53.2 mphRight Ln
Q20.042RT2.570ET44.8 mphRight Ln
R10.091RT2.546ET50.5 mphLeft LnLost to JD Crow
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.037RT2.212ETRight Ln
Q20.027RT2.201ET61.4 mphRight Ln
R10.010RT2.175ET64.3 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Chad Howard
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.085RT1.850ET65.5 mphLeft Ln
Q2-0.087RT2.031ET65.5 mphRight LnRedlight
R10.098RT1.910 on 1.700 Dial56.3 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R2-0.028RT1.853 on 1.850 Dial64.3 mphLeft LnLost to Chris MarkowskiRedlight
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.109RT3.584ET34.7 mphRight Ln
R10.318RT3.952 on 3.480 Dial34.7 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Bill Nelson
  Peak Performance Nationals - 09/09/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.195RT2.480ETRight Ln
Q20.101RT2.521ET50.5 mphLeft Ln
R10.074RT2.533ET49.4 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Piper Munson
R20.139RT2.530ET49.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Matthew Munson
R30.061RT2.539ET49.4 mphLeft LnDefeated Eric Bowman
R40.065RT2.516ET50.1 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to JD Crow
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q1-0.008RT2.304ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.174RT2.212ETLeft Ln
R10.130RT2.343ET63.1 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Chad Howard
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.143RT1.916ETRight Ln
Q20.093RT1.905ET65.5 mphLeft Ln
R10.121RT1.922 on 1.880 Dial64.9 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Bach
R20.099RT1.989 on 1.900 Dial61.9 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Chris Markowski
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.052RT2.250ETRight Ln
Q20.016RT2.193ET60.8 mphLeft Ln
R1-0.003RT5.908ET14.2 mphLeft LnLost to Michael WillisRedlight DQ
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.172RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.242RT3.795 on 3.600 Dial33.4 mphLeft LnDefeated Jayme Bates
R20.238RT3.711 on 3.550 Dial30.7 mphRight LnDefeated Carl Russell
R30.218RT3.584 on 3.550 Dial34.9 mphRight LnLost to JD Crow
  Rudis Motorsports Too Hot To Handle Nationals - 08/12/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.082RT2.494ETLeft Ln
Q20.128RT2.488ETRight Ln
R10.117RT2.456ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Roger Eames
R2-0.056RT2.718ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Justin BachRedlight
R30.147RT2.516ETRight LnLost to Eric Bowman
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q1-0.025RT59.999ETRight LnRedlight DQ
Q2-0.005RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight DQ
R10.061RT2.345ETRight LnLost to Eric Bowman
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.031RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
Q2-0.055RT2.078ETLeft LnRedlight
R1-0.059RT2.065ETLeft LnLost to Davey GoffRedlight
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q1-0.065RT3.485ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.246RT4.764 on 3.370 DialRight LnLost to Kellie BachDQ
  North Carrier Automotive U.S. Nationals - 07/29/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.039RT2.480ETRight Ln
Q20.031RT2.567ETRight Ln
R10.119RT2.492ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Joshua Mercadel
R2-0.002RT2.535ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated JD CrowRedlight
R30.065RT2.454ETLeft LnDefeated Jim Schander
R40.109RT2.477ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Justin BachHoleshot
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.070RT2.199ETRight Ln
Q20.032RT2.181ETRight Ln
R10.051RT2.176ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Bill Nelson
R20.079RT2.206ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R30.129RT2.213ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Michael Mercadel
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.114RT1.927ETRight Ln
Q20.106RT1.946ETLeft Ln
R10.085RT1.872 on 1.900 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Michael MercadelBreakout
Pro Stock (1s)
Q1-0.018RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight DQ
Q2-0.036RT2.240ETRight LnRedlight DQ
R1-0.047RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Jerry ShieldsRedlight DQ
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.090RT3.956ETLeft Ln
R10.042RT4.049 on 3.900 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Bach
R20.100RT3.982 on 3.950 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Carl Russell
R30.066RT3.874 on 3.900 DialRight LnLost to Paxton PfeilBreakout
  Denton Tattoo Co. Summer Nationals - 07/15/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.051RT59.590ET47.0 mphLeft Ln
Q20.219RT2.534ETRight Ln
R10.063RT2.538ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Markowski
R20.023RT2.546ETRight LnLost to Bill Nelson
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.000RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.191RT2.265ETRight Ln
R10.111RT2.205ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Roger Eames
R20.082RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Chad HowardDQ
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.196RT2.031ETLeft Ln
Q20.116RT2.002ETLeft Ln
R10.100RT1.849 on 1.800 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Matthew Munson
R29.999RT51.645 on 1.800 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Dewayne ShipmanDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.170RT2.270ET61.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.135RT2.516ETLeft Ln
R10.068RT2.299ETLeft LnLost to Michael Willis
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q1-0.999RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
R10.110RT3.938 on 3.800 DialRight LnDefeated Mike Pfeil
R20.064RT4.001ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R30.163RT4.197 on 3.900 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to JT Stanton
  RLC Performance Engineering Super Nationals - 06/25/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.084RT2.545ETRight Ln
Q20.028RT2.512ETRight Ln
R1-0.006RT2.617ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chad HowardRedlight
R20.078RT2.612ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Matthew MunsonDQ
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.035RT2.245ETRight Ln
Q20.014RT2.296ETRight Ln
R10.103RT2.291ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated David Granier
R20.068RT59.999ETRight LnDefeated Eric Bowman
R30.097RT2.209ETRight LnDefeated Joshua Mercadel
R40.065RT2.196ETRight LnLost to Scott Davis
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.109RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.239RT59.999ETRight Ln
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.166RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.105RT2.356ETLeft Ln
R10.030RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Davey GoffDQ
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q1-0.063RT4.071ETRight LnRedlight
R10.228RT4.135 on 4.900 DialRight LnLost to Randy MayhewBreakout
  Comfort Technologies Memorial Day Nationals - 05/27/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.040RT2.532ETRight Ln
Q20.081RT2.442ETRight Ln
R10.109RT2.569ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chad Howard
R20.096RT2.526ETLeft LnDefeated Scott Davis
R30.016RT2.447ETLeft LnDefeated JD Crow
R40.057RT2.493ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Chris Hernandez
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.018RT2.283ETLeft Ln
Q20.099RT2.167ETRight Ln
R10.169RT2.206ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jerry Lumar
R20.207RT2.124ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Michael Mercadel
R3-0.057RT2.577ETRight Ln (Choice) ByeRedlight
R40.094RT2.167ETLeft LnDefeated Joshua Mercadel
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.021RT1.946ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.680RT1.970ETRight LnRedlight
R10.218RT1.760 on 1.850 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Chris BachBreakout
Pro Stock (1s)
Q1-0.037RT59.999ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.017RT59.990ETRight Ln
R10.019RT2.518ETRight LnDefeated Chris Williams
R20.148RT59.999ETLeft LnDefeated Jerry Shields
R30.113RT2.689ETRight LnLost to Ant Wren
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.089RT3.985ETRight Ln
R10.177RT3.988 on 3.890 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Kelli Garca
R20.211RT3.905 on 3.880 DialRight LnLost to Paxton Pfeil
  Armed Forces Spring Nationals - 05/20/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.038RT2.491ETRight Ln
Q20.093RT2.514ETLeft Ln
R10.039RT2.602ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Paxton PfeilDQ
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.132RT2.250ETRight Ln
Q20.081RT2.275ETRight Ln
R10.230RT2.270ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Dallas Howard
R20.100RT2.199ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jerry Lumar
R30.095RT2.279ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Joshua Mercadel
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.174RT2.084ETLeft Ln
Q259.999RT59.999ETRight Ln
R159.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Clint ParkerDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.021RT2.532ETRight Ln
Q2-0.012RT5.546ETLeft LnRedlight
R1-0.013RT4.818ETLeft LnLost to Alex GarcaRedlight
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q1-0.052RT4.049ETRight LnRedlight
R10.190RT4.099 on 4.000 DialRight LnLost to Mike Pfeil
  Allmark Impressions Thunder Nationals - 05/06/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.040RT2.457ETRight Ln
Q20.051RT2.555ETLeft Ln
R10.018RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Carl RussellHoleshot
R20.038RT2.549ETLeft LnDefeated Jim SchanderHoleshot
R30.153RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to JD CrowDQ
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.023RT2.260ETLeft Ln
Q20.052RT2.271ETRight Ln
R10.039RT2.656ETLeft LnLost to Eric Bowman
Quick 16 Bracket (2.5 or Quicker)
Q10.154RT4.372ETRight Ln
Q20.121RT2.360ETLeft Ln
R10.061RT2.351 on 2.200 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Markowski
R2-0.093RT2.270 on 2.300 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Raymond BlanchardRedlight Breakout
R30.163RT2.310 on 2.250 DialLeft LnLost to Justin Bach
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.086RT3.696ETLeft Ln
R10.098RT3.881 on 3.600 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Chad Howard
R20.123RT3.878ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R30.187RT6.247 on 3.800 DialLeft LnDefeated Justin Bach
R40.163RT4.029 on 3.850 DialLeft LnLost to Randy Mayhew
  Rock Star Welding Nationals - 04/15/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.143RT2.526ETRight Ln
Q20.089RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.152RT2.467ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jim Schander
R20.049RT2.599ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to JD Crow
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q159.999RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.209RT2.199ETLeft Ln
R10.120RT2.186ETLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R20.023RT2.219ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Eric Bowman
R30.026RT2.194ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated JD Crow
R40.046RT2.298ETRight LnDefeated Joshua Mercadel
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.114RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q2-0.020RT3.141ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.172RT2.986ETLeft LnLost to Chris Williams
  Urban Assault Racing Nationals - 03/18/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.155RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.152RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.025RT2.546ETRight LnLost to JD CrowDQ
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.063RT2.326ETRight Ln
Q20.053RT2.261ETLeft Ln
R10.087RT2.237ETLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R20.112RT2.268ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Eric Bowman
R30.081RT2.347ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated JD Crow
R40.117RT2.305ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Craig Roland
All Run Bracket
Q10.212RT3.887ETLeft Ln
R10.259RT4.074 on 4.100 DialRight LnDefeated Heather BowmanBreakout
R2-0.089RT3.987 on 4.000 DialLeft LnLost to Clint ParkerRedlight Breakout
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.122RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.029RT2.727ETRight Ln
R10.061RT2.533ETRight LnDefeated Ant Wren
R20.032RT2.512ETLeft LnLost to Robert St. Pierre
  RCDRL Texas Winternationals - 03/04/17
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.126RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.162RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.211RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Randy Mayhew
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.226RT2.649ETRight Ln
Q20.056RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.096RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Paxton Pfeil
All Run Bracket
Q10.208RT4.404ETLeft Ln
R10.108RT4.814ETLeft LnDefeated Isai Martinez
R20.246RT4.445 on 4.300 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Melissa Young
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.116RT2.662ETRight Ln
Q20.119RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.117RT2.987ETLeft LnLost to Michael Willis
  2nd Annual YourBatteryBuddy.com RCDRL Texas Finals - 11/05/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.130RT2.717ETRight Ln
Q20.000RT2.867ETLeft Ln
R10.092RT4.805ETRight LnLost to Chris Hernandez
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.183RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.038RT2.475ETRight Ln
R10.023RT2.437ETRight LnDefeated Paxton PfeilHoleshot
R20.020RT2.358ETRight LnDefeated Joshua MercadelHoleshot
R3-0.062RT2.327ETLeft LnDefeated Anne WagnerRedlight
R40.032RT3.908ETRight LnLost to Michael Mercadel
All Run Bracket
Q10.057RT4.018ETLeft Ln
R10.154RT4.081 on 3.900 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Dallas Pfeil
R2-0.008RT4.072 on 3.880 DialLeft LnLost to Raymond BlanchardRedlight
  Murillo Motorsports Fall Nationals - 10/22/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.117RT3.131ETRight Ln
Q20.020RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q1-0.021RT2.591ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.032RT9.401ETLeft LnDefeated Michael Mercadel
R2-0.011RT2.554ETRight LnLost to Scott DavisRedlight
All Run Bracket
Q10.130RT3.908ETLeft Ln
R10.149RT4.543 on 3.800 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Dewayne Shipman
  SassyGirl Racing Nationals - 10/08/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.191RT2.715ETLeft Ln
Q20.072RT2.765ETLeft Ln
R10.183RT2.569ETRight LnLost to Melissa Young
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)
Q10.041RT3.050ETLeft Ln
Q20.120RT6.873ETRight Ln
R1-0.006RT7.587ETLeft LnLost to Scott DavisRedlight DQ
All Run Bracket
Q10.155RT4.008ETLeft Ln
R10.198RT3.884 on 3.900 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Robert St. PierreBreakout
  Team America U.S. Nationals - 09/17/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q1-0.018RT2.632ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.246RT2.722ETRight Ln
R10.004RT2.605ETLeft LnDefeated JD CrowHoleshot
R2-0.074RT2.689ETLeft LnLost to Randy MayhewRedlight
All Run Bracket
Q10.183RT2.623ETLeft Ln
R10.103RT2.586 on 2.400 DialLeft LnDefeated Mary Cook
R20.287RT2.866 on 2.450 DialRight LnLost to Norris GravesDQ
2.50 Index
Q10.106RT2.444ETLeft Ln
R10.033RT2.699 on 2.500 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Marc Gosselin
R20.172RT2.658 on 2.500 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Michael Mercadel
  ThunderStruck Nationals - 09/03/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.004RT2.558ET52.8 mphRight Ln
Q20.035RT2.529ET52.0 mphRight Ln
R10.004RT2.592ET51.2 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Michael Mercadel
R259.990RT59.990ETRight LnLost to Richard HohnholtDQ
All Run Bracket
Q10.189RT2.760ET49.7 mphRight Ln
R10.160RT2.737 on 2.600 Dial50.8 mphLeft LnDefeated Jeff Schmidt Jr.
R20.181RT5.062 on 2.700 Dial49.4 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Gregory Chapa
R30.125RT3.180 on 2.700 Dial49.4 mphLeft LnLost to Michael Dees
2.50 Index
Q10.278RT2.495ET53.2 mphLeft Ln
R10.083RT2.575 on 2.500 Dial51.6 mphRight LnDefeated Christian Duke
R259.990RT59.990ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Chris MarkowskiDQ
  Hurst Tire & Service 2 Hot 2 Handle Nationals - 08/27/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.155RT2.648ETRight Ln
Q20.099RT59.999ETRight Ln
R1-0.026RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Michael MercadelRedlight
All Run Bracket
Q10.180RT2.893ETLeft Ln
R10.217RT3.301 on 2.800 DialRight LnLost to Randy Mayhew

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