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Dewayne Shipman
RCDRL Member # 751
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Stats for Elimination Rounds
Dewayne Shipman
All Classes
12Round Wins
0.351Avg R/T
Dewayne Shipman
All Classes
17Round Wins
0.371Avg R/T

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Class Stats:

Class Bests for Dewayne Shipman
includes qualifying and elimination rounds
Head to Head
Traxxas Sportsman Funny Car       3.973 sec       .348 RT   2 laps
Pro Mod       1.802 sec       .037 RT   30 laps
All Run       .049 off dial       .102 RT12 laps
Quick-16       .077 off dial       .114 RT18 laps
Street Eliminator       .174 off dial       .130 RT10 laps

Best RT: 0.037   •   Best ET: 1.733   •   Best MPH: 86.3

Race History
  Denton Tattoo Co. Summer Nationals - 07/15/17
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.138RT1.802ET86.3 mphRight Ln
Q20.172RT1.838ET85.2 mphLeft Ln
R10.084RT1.804ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Douglas Crews
R20.130RT2.066ETRight LnDefeated Chris Hernandez
R30.128RT1.819ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Gregory Chapa
R40.201RT2.602ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Steve Nigri
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.173RT1.855ETRight Ln
Q20.213RT2.084ETLeft Ln
R10.188RT1.844 on 1.750 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Johnnie Braswell
R20.220RT1.877 on 1.800 DialRight LnDefeated Manual Garca
R30.311RT1.967 on 1.780 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to JD Crow
Street Eliminator
Q10.173RT59.590ETLeft Ln
R10.289RT59.999 on 2.690 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Jeff ChambersDQ
  Armed Forces Spring Nationals - 05/20/17
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.222RT2.572ET56.3 mphRight Ln
Q20.267RT2.125ETLeft Ln
R10.205RT2.084ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jeff Chambers
R20.188RT2.103ETRight LnLost to David Mares
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.335RT1.807ETRight Ln
Q20.234RT1.803ETLeft Ln
R10.266RT1.754 on 1.780 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Johnnie BraswellBreakout
Street Eliminator
Q10.266RT3.440ETLeft Ln
R10.269RT3.853 on 3.000 DialRight LnDefeated Kelli Garca
R20.130RT3.304 on 3.000 DialRight LnDefeated Mike Pfeil
R30.331RT3.424 on 3.250 DialRight LnDefeated Corby Burden
R40.443RT7.635ETLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R50.329RT59.999 on 3.250 DialLeft LnLost to JD Crow
  Allmark Impressions Thunder Nationals - 05/06/17
Pro Mod (2s)
Q11.825RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.182RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
R12.815RT1.971ETRight LnLost to Darvione Huddleston
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.207RT1.790ETLeft Ln
Q20.152RT1.847ETLeft Ln
R10.473RT1.833 on 1.730 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Piper Munson
R259.990RT59.990ETRight LnLost to Nacho ThackerDQ
Street Eliminator
Q10.303RT3.153ETLeft Ln
R10.217RT59.999 on 3.000 DialLeft LnLost to Justin BachDQ
  RCDRL Texas Winternationals - 03/04/17
All Run Bracket
Q10.471RT9.998ETRight Ln
R1-0.271RT59.999 on 3.400 DialLeft LnLost to Paxton PfeilRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q159.999RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q21.174RT2.355ETLeft Ln
R10.211RT2.768ETLeft LnLost to Darvione Huddleston
Quick 16 Bracket
Q159.999RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.204RT1.847ETLeft Ln
R10.114RT2.130 on 1.700 DialRight LnLost to Corby Burden
  2nd Annual RCDRL Texas Finals - 11/05/16
All Run Bracket
Q10.311RT3.606ETLeft Ln
R10.235RT3.679 on 3.500 DialRight LnLost to Rob Printup
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.424RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.756RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
R10.537RT1.878ETRight LnDefeated Ant Wren
R22.403RT4.462ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Steve Nigri
  Murillo Motorsports Fall Nationals - 10/22/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.348RT3.973ETRight Ln
Q20.359RT4.113ETLeft Ln
All Run Bracket
Q10.320RT3.304ETRight Ln
R10.437RT3.331 on 3.250 DialRight LnDefeated Manual Garca
R259.990RT59.990 on 3.250 DialRight LnLost to Thuan DinhDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.251RT6.906ETLeft Ln
R10.218RT1.958ETRight LnLost to Ant Wren
  Team America U.S. Nationals - 09/17/16
All Run Bracket
Q10.164RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.147RT2.449 on 2.400 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R20.206RT2.539 on 2.400 DialRight LnLost to Cody Cook
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.221RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.154RT1.843ETRight Ln
R10.184RT1.984ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Gregory Chapa
R20.118RT1.982ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Roger Eames
R30.078RT1.916ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Ant WrenDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.161RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.173RT59.999ETLeft Ln
  ThunderStruck Nationals - 09/03/16
All Run Bracket
Q10.102RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.268RT1.733 on 1.960 Dial70.2 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Nate CarrollBreakout
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.147RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.261RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.037RT59.999ET30.5 mphRight LnLost to Ant Wren

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