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Mike Pfeil
RCDRL Member # 68
Active Member

Stats for Elimination Rounds
Mike Pfeil
All Classes
0Round Wins
0.172Avg R/T
Mike Pfeil
All Classes
22Round Wins
0.280Avg R/T

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Class Bests for Mike Pfeil
includes qualifying and elimination rounds
Head to Head
No Head to Head Results
All Run       .006 off dial       .023 RT43 laps
Quick-Bracket       .038 off dial       .008 RT13 laps
Street Eliminator       .001 off dial       .004 RT33 laps

Best RT: 0.004   •   Best ET: 2.765   •   Best MPH: 52.8

Race History
  HobbyTown USA Texas Summer Nationals - 07/28/18
All Run Bracket
Q10.208RT2.914ETLeft Ln
R10.172RT2.887 on 2.910 DialRight LnLost to Christian RussellBreakout
Street Eliminator
Q10.208RT3.673ETRight LnDQ
Q259.990RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
  Louisiana vs The World Shoot-Out Championship - 11/04/17
RCDRL Louisiana
All Run Bracket
Q10.188RT2.765ETLeft Ln
R1-0.009RT4.525 on 2.780 Dial13.9 mphRight LnLost to Gaige BorreliRedlight
Quick-8 Bracket
Q10.249RT2.808ETRight Ln
Q20.121RT2.803ETLeft Ln
R10.211RT2.810 on 2.770 DialRight LnLost to Dillon Mcdaniel Texas Finals - 10/07/17
All Run Bracket
Q10.051RT3.371ET46.3 mphRight Ln
R10.117RT3.488 on 3.450 Dial47.3 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jayme Bates
R20.116RT3.458 on 3.450 Dial47.3 mphLeft LnDefeated Norris Graves
R32.720RT4.549 on 3.450 Dial47.3 mphLeft LnLost to Chris Markowski
Quick 16 Bracket
Q1-0.019RT3.521ET46.3 mphLeft LnRedlight
Q20.010RT3.514ET45.7 mphLeft Ln
R10.127RT3.454 on 3.480 Dial47.3 mphRight LnLost to Joel ShipmanBreakout
Street Eliminator
Q10.090RT3.446ET47.6 mphRight Ln
R10.126RT3.491 on 3.480 Dial46.3 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Bill Nelson
R20.151RT3.389 on 3.440 Dial47.3 mphRight LnLost to Joel ShipmanBreakout
  Garca Motorsports Fall Nationals - 09/30/17
All Run Bracket
Q10.057RT3.380ET47.6 mphRight Ln
R159.999RT59.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Mitchal Vaughn
R21.450RT3.382 on 3.350 Dial47.0 mphLeft LnDefeated Matthew Munson
R30.287RT3.346 on 3.350 Dial47.0 mphLeft LnDefeated Chris BachBreakout
R40.072RT3.356 on 3.340 DialLeft LnLost to Chris Markowski
Street Eliminator
Q1-0.003RT3.421ET47.0 mphRight LnRedlight
R1-0.049RT5.429 on 3.300 Dial17.6 mphRight LnLost to Jeff SchmidtRedlight
  Peak Performance Nationals - 09/09/17
All Run Bracket
Q10.088RT3.371ETLeft Ln
R10.077RT3.319 on 3.250 Dial52.8 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Kelli Garca
R259.990RT59.990ETRight LnLost to Norris GravesDQ
Street Eliminator
Q10.085RT3.229ETLeft Ln
R10.150RT3.282 on 3.190 Dial48.3 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Kellie Bach
R20.265RT3.315 on 4.500 Dial48.3 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Paxton PfeilBreakout
  Rudis Motorsports Too Hot To Handle Nationals - 08/12/17
All Run Bracket
Q10.079RT3.197ETRight Ln
R10.023RT3.532 on 3.250 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jayme Bates
R20.098RT3.365 on 3.300 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Norris Graves
R30.043RT3.276 on 3.320 DialRight LnLost to Carl RussellBreakout
Street Eliminator
Q10.054RT3.234ETRight Ln
R1-0.033RT3.300 on 3.180 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Donnie JohnsonRedlight
  North Carrier Automotive U.S. Nationals - 07/29/17
All Run Bracket
Q10.170RT3.070ETLeft Ln
R1-0.007RT3.114 on 2.990 DialLeft LnLost to Dewayne ShipmanRedlight
Street Eliminator
Q1-0.089RT3.002ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.255RT3.019 on 3.050 DialRight LnLost to Bill NelsonBreakout
  Denton Tattoo Co. Summer Nationals - 07/15/17
All Run Bracket
Q10.082RT3.327ETLeft Ln
R11.199RT9.077 on 3.270 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jaxon Bowman
R20.152RT3.360 on 3.270 DialLeft LnLost to Randy Mayhew
Quick 16 Bracket
Q1-0.001RT3.267ETRight LnRedlight
Q2-0.056RT3.237ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.144RT3.292 on 3.300 DialLeft LnLost to Norris GravesBreakout
Street Eliminator
Q10.039RT3.245ET45.1 mphRight Ln
R10.164RT3.345 on 3.210 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Manuel Garca
  RLC Performance Engineering Super Nationals - 06/25/17
All Run Bracket
Q1-0.109RT3.311ETRight LnRedlight
R10.136RT3.341 on 3.200 DialLeft LnLost to Mikey Alsobrooks
Street Eliminator
Q10.004RT3.469ETLeft Ln
R1-0.013RT3.404ETLeft Ln (Choice) ByeRedlight
R20.209RT3.317 on 3.300 DialRight LnLost to Eric Bowman
  Comfort Technologies Memorial Day Nationals - 05/27/17
All Run Bracket
Q10.203RT3.244ETLeft Ln
R10.223RT3.218 on 3.550 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Johnnie BraswellBreakout
Street Eliminator
Q10.159RT3.271ETRight Ln
R10.282RT3.293ETLeft LnDefeated Jeff Schmidt
R20.087RT3.414 on 3.270 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Dallas Howard
R3-0.007RT3.332 on 3.290 DialRight LnLost to Corby BurdenRedlight
  Armed Forces Spring Nationals - 05/20/17
All Run Bracket
Q10.222RT3.299ETRight Ln
R1-0.001RT3.321 on 3.190 DialLeft LnLost to Johnnie BraswellRedlight
Street Eliminator
Q10.070RT3.330ETRight Ln
R10.032RT3.353 on 3.300 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Manuel Garca
R20.272RT3.291 on 3.300 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Dewayne ShipmanBreakout
  Allmark Impressions Thunder Nationals - 05/06/17
All Run Bracket
Q10.078RT3.166ETRight Ln
R1-0.002RT3.184 on 3.190 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie ThomasRedlight Breakout
R20.243RT3.206 on 3.200 DialLeft LnDefeated Jim Schander
R3-0.073RT3.199 on 3.200 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Jeff SchmidtRedlight Breakout
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.126RT3.201ETRight Ln
Q20.071RT3.214ETLeft Ln
R10.008RT3.238 on 3.200 DialLeft LnDefeated Jeff Schmidt
R20.090RT3.257 on 3.170 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Justin Bach
Street Eliminator
Q10.127RT3.199ETRight Ln
R10.196RT3.201 on 3.200 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Dallas Pfeil
R20.057RT3.225 on 3.180 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Eric Bowman
R3-0.008RT3.344 on 3.180 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Randy MayhewRedlight
  Rock Star Welding Nationals - 04/15/17
All Run Bracket
Q10.118RT3.313ETRight Ln
R10.289RT3.364 on 3.250 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Isai Martinez
R20.131RT3.348 on 3.330 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Heather Bowman
R30.066RT3.268 on 3.330 DialLeft LnLost to Chris MarkowskiBreakout
Street Eliminator
Q1-0.176RT3.274ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.196RT3.344 on 3.300 DialLeft LnLost to JD Crow
  4th Annual RLC Performance Engineering Super Nationals - 06/10/16
All Run Bracket
Q159.990RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
R159.990RT59.990 on 2.750 DialLeft LnLost to Sharon Dees
2.50 Index
Q10.150RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
R159.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Marc GosselinDQ

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