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Cody Cook
RCDRL Member # 679

Stats for Elimination Rounds
Cody Cook
All Classes
3Round Wins
0.012Avg R/T
Cody Cook
All Classes
60Round Wins
0.109Avg R/T

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Class Stats:

Class Bests for Cody Cook
includes qualifying and elimination rounds
Head to Head
Traxxas Pro Funny Car       2.202 sec       .005 RT   30 laps
Traxxas Sportsman Funny Car       2.589 sec       .003 RT   17 laps
Top Fuel Electric / Nitro       1.380 sec       .003 RT   85 laps
Outlaw Extreme       1.454 sec       .028 RT   6 laps
Index       .207 off dial       .129 RT6 laps
All Run       .012 off dial       .000 RT54 laps
Quick-Bracket       .008 off dial       .002 RT41 laps
Street Eliminator       1.078 off dial       .067 RT11 laps

Best RT: 0.000   •   Best ET: 1.380   •   Best MPH: 101.7

Race History
  YourBatteryBuddy.com RCDRL Finals - 10/13/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.090RT1.709ETRight Ln
Q20.108RT1.621ET80.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.008RT1.485ETLeft LnLost to Duwayne Cooley
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.420RT1.818ETRight Ln
Q20.006RT1.761ET79.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.009RT1.390 on 1.450 Dial85.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Joshua MercadelBreakout
R20.002RT1.396 on 1.350 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Steve Posey
R30.030RT1.421 on 1.380 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jeff Schmidt Jr.
R4-0.015RT1.398 on 1.410 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Chris MarkowskiRedlight Breakout
  2nd Annual Garca Motorsports Nationals - 09/15/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.061RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight DQ
Q20.174RT1.589ETRight Ln
R10.123RT3.281ETLeft LnLost to Robert St. Pierre
  The North Carrier Automotive Nationals - 07/14/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.083RT2.116ET35.0 mphLeft LnDQ
Q20.009RT64.999ETRight LnDQ 127°
R10.164RT64.999ETRight LnLost to Robert St. PierreDQ
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.217RT2.977ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.061RT2.975ETRight LnRedlight
R1-0.059RT4.028 on 2.950 Dial22.0 mphLeft LnLost to Dewayne ShipmanRedlight
  RC Divas Nationals - 06/16/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.226RT1.453ETLeft Ln 127°
Q20.194RT1.385ETRight Ln
R10.003RT1.380ETRight LnDefeated Brandon Mares
R20.105RT1.446ETLeft LnLost to Robert St. Pierre 117°
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q1-0.003RT3.296ETLeft LnRedlight 121°
Q20.210RT2.894ETRight Ln 127°
R1-0.009RT2.885 on 2.890 DialLeft LnLost to Zack ShiversRedlight Breakout
  The Little Rascals Spring Nationals - 05/26/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.106RT1.434ETLeft Ln
Q20.105RT1.415ETRight Ln
R10.077RT1.429ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Donnie Johnson
R20.197RT1.380ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Darvione Huddleston 127°
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q1-0.012RT3.600ETLeft LnRedlight 127°
Q20.118RT3.294ETRight Ln
  Shipman's Snack Service Nationals - 05/12/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.153RT1.408ETRight Ln
Q20.117RT1.414ETLeft Ln
R10.109RT4.025ETRight LnDefeated Robert St. Pierre 127°
R20.137RT1.401ETRight LnLost to David Mares 114°
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q10.188RT3.343ETRight Ln 95°
Q20.067RT3.044ETLeft Ln
R10.117RT59.999 on 2.990 DialRight LnLost to Joel ShipmanDQ
  Allmark Impressions Thunder Nationals - 04/14/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.244RT1.800ETLeft Ln
Q20.177RT1.816ETRight Ln
R10.153RT1.808ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas 93°
R20.236RT4.795ETRight LnDefeated Robert St. Pierre
R30.087RT1.770ETRight LnLost to Donnie Johnson 72°
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.253RT1.711ETRight Ln
Q259.990RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
R159.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Johnnie BraswellDQ
  The Garca Cafe Nationals - 03/17/18
All Run Bracket
Q20.047RT7.344ETLeft Ln
R10.152RT4.780ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jayme Bates
R20.109RT4.352ET28.0 mphLeft LnLost to Darvione Huddleston
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.064RT3.965ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.137RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
R159.990RT59.990ETRight LnLost to Robert St. PierreDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.165RT1.479ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.155RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
Q359.990RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
  Rudis Motorsports Jim Rainman Memorial Winternationals - 03/03/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.041RT1.531ETLeft Ln
Q20.138RT1.414ETRight Ln
Q359.990RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
R10.090RT1.527ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Mikey AlsobrooksDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.013RT1.640ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.170RT1.473ETRight LnDQ
Q30.040RT1.426ETLeft Ln
R10.029RT1.471 on 1.400 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Joel Shipman
R2-0.066RT3.005 on 1.450 DialLeft LnLost to Steve NigriRedlight
  Denton Tattoo Co. Summer Nationals - 07/15/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.065RT1.778ETRight Ln
Q20.222RT1.586ETRight Ln
R10.088RT1.628ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Christopher J. Alcoser
  Armed Forces Spring Nationals - 05/20/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.238RT1.538ET92.1 mphRight Ln
Q20.047RT1.709ETLeft Ln
R10.149RT1.554ET90.9 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Nacho Thacker
R20.139RT1.859ETRight LnLost to David Mares
  Rock Star Welding Nationals - 04/15/17
Traxxas Pro Funnycar (3s)
Q10.120RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.183RT59.990ETLeft Ln
R10.157RT3.074ETLeft LnDefeated Craig Roland
R20.224RT6.399ETLeft LnLost to JD Crow
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.073RT1.531ETRight Ln
Q20.062RT1.623ETLeft Ln
R10.067RT1.505ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Nacho Thacker
R20.016RT1.523ETRight LnLost to Robert St. Pierre
  Urban Assault Racing Nationals - 03/18/17
Traxxas Pro Funnycar (3s)
Q10.055RT2.772ETLeft Ln
Q20.182RT2.850ETRight Ln
R10.185RT3.710ETLeft LnDefeated Randy Mayhew
R20.063RT3.419ETLeft LnLost to Craig RolandDQ
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.135RT1.635ETRight Ln
Q20.095RT1.651ETLeft Ln
R10.121RT1.648ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Haylee Arnold
  RCDRL Texas Winternationals - 03/04/17
Traxxas Pro Funnycar (3s)
Q10.196RT2.605ETRight Ln
Q20.228RT2.446ETLeft Ln
R10.164RT2.637ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Seth Herring
R20.162RT2.575ETLeft LnDefeated JD Crow
R30.047RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R40.250RT5.301ETLeft LnDefeated Richard Hohnholt
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.199RT1.628ETRight Ln
Q20.093RT1.744ETLeft Ln
R10.095RT2.123ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Darvione Huddleston
R20.071RT59.999ETLeft LnDefeated Donnie Johnson
R30.097RT1.768ETLeft LnDefeated Haylee ArnoldHoleshot
  MercMotorsports Cajun Nationals - 11/19/16
RCDRL Louisiana
Traxxas Pro Funnycar
Q10.119RT2.542ETRight Ln
Q20.109RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.027RT2.924ETLeft LnLost to Lenny Zuppardo
All Run Bracket
Q10.206RT2.076ETRight Ln
Q20.092RT2.264ETLeft Ln
R10.099RT2.724 on 2.000 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Dennis Forbes
R20.182RT2.314 on 2.000 DialRight LnDefeated Chad Freeman
R30.032RT2.390ETLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R40.000RT2.367 on 2.200 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Troy Molay
Outlaw Extreme
Q10.028RT1.647ETLeft Ln
Q20.196RT1.454ETRight Ln
R10.241RT1.467ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated David Granier
R20.100RT1.742ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Christopher J. Alcoser
R30.064RT1.639ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Larry Fortenberry
R40.064RT1.583ETRight LnLost to Haylee Arnold
  2nd Annual YourBatteryBuddy.com RCDRL Texas Finals - 11/05/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.130RT3.035ETLeft Ln
Q20.169RT2.813ETRight Ln
R1-0.013RT59.999ETRight LnDefeated Melissa YoungRedlight
R2-0.020RT10.348ETLeft LnLost to Scott DavisRedlight
All Run Bracket
Q10.183RT2.164ETRight Ln
R10.064RT2.278ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Piper Munson
R20.043RT2.261 on 2.100 DialLeft LnDefeated Chad Freeman
R30.091RT2.336 on 2.190 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Melissa Young
R4-0.020RT2.702 on 2.190 DialRight LnLost to Zac HodgesRedlight
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.109RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.106RT1.598ETLeft Ln
R10.072RT3.130ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Larry Fortenberry
R20.170RT2.100ETLeft LnLost to Haylee Arnold
  Murillo Motorsports Fall Nationals - 10/22/16
Traxxas Pro Funnycar (3s)
Q10.137RT2.827ETLeft Ln
R10.005RT2.202ETRight LnDefeated Anne Wagner
R20.014RT4.661ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Joshua Mercadel
R30.114RT2.214ETRight LnLost to Scott Davis
All Run Bracket
Q10.123RT2.020ETLeft Ln
R10.131RT2.288 on 1.990 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Williams
R20.183RT2.156 on 1.990 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Dakota SmithHoleshot
R30.092RT2.189 on 1.990 DialLeft LnLost to Chris Markowski
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.137RT1.486ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.104RT2.503ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to David MaresDQ
  SassyGirl Racing Nationals - 10/08/16
Traxxas Pro Funnycar (3s)
Q10.323RT2.611ETRight Ln
Q20.095RT2.426ETLeft Ln
R10.128RT2.334ETRight LnLost to Paxton Pfeil
All Run Bracket
Q10.114RT2.082ETLeft Ln
R10.040RT2.145 on 1.980 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R2-0.006RT2.265 on 1.990 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Piper MunsonRedlight
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.102RT1.623ETLeft Ln
Q20.108RT1.535ETRight Ln
R10.150RT1.534ETRight LnDefeated Ant Wren
R20.114RT1.953ETLeft LnDefeated Haylee Arnold
R30.127RT1.974ETRight LnDefeated Robert St. Pierre
R40.092RT2.510ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Sam Cannata
  Team America U.S. Nationals - 09/17/16
Traxxas Pro Funnycar (3s)
Q10.177RT3.211ETRight Ln
Q20.217RT2.941ETLeft Ln
R10.096RT2.423ETRight LnLost to Joshua Mercadel
All Run Bracket
Q10.036RT2.009ETRight Ln
R10.033RT1.992 on 1.980 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Williams
R20.052RT2.007 on 1.890 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Dewayne Shipman
R30.041RT2.053ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R4-0.022RT2.103 on 1.940 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Paxton PfeilRedlight
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.059RT1.475ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.008RT59.999ETRight LnRedlight
R10.145RT1.436ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Donnie Johnson
  ThunderStruck Nationals - 09/03/16
Traxxas Pro Funnycar (3s)
Q18.374RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.185RT59.999ET13.2 mphLeft Ln
R10.248RT3.257ET51.2 mphRight LnLost to Paxton Pfeil
All Run Bracket
Q10.253RT2.584ET51.6 mphLeft Ln
R10.094RT2.560 on 2.500 Dial52.8 mphRight LnLost to Richard Hohnholt
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.640RT1.565ET100.2 mphLeft Ln
Q20.206RT1.759ET71.7 mphRight Ln
R10.120RT1.621ET101.7 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to David Mares
  Hurst Tire & Service 2 Hot 2 Handle Nationals - 08/27/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.139RT2.839ETRight Ln
Q20.207RT2.767ETLeft Ln
R10.354RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Scott Davis
All Run Bracket
Q10.129RT3.624ETRight Ln
R10.123RT3.629 on 3.600 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Marc Gosselin
R20.168RT3.518 on 3.500 DialLeft LnLost to Chris Markowski
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.177RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.021RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.084RT1.861ETLeft LnDefeated Willie Thomas
R20.234RT1.578ETRight LnLost to Robert St. PierreDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.029RT1.544ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.128RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.093RT3.006 on 2.000 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Marc Gosselin
R20.011RT1.976 on 2.000 DialRight LnLost to Stephen BurdenBreakout
  Test and Tune - 08/06/16
2.50 Index
Q10.129RT2.453ETRight Ln
R17.147RT59.000 on 2.500 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Ashley ArnoldDQ
  United We Stand Nationals - 07/23/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.219RT2.939ETRight Ln
Q20.083RT2.859ETLeft Ln
R10.085RT2.589ETLeft LnLost to Scott Davis
All Run Bracket
Q10.018RT2.502ETLeft Ln
R1-0.050RT2.715 on 2.450 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Nate GonzalesRedlight
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.123RT1.594ETLeft Ln
Q20.040RT1.563ETRight Ln
R10.114RT1.495ETRight LnLost to Ant Wren
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.064RT1.655ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.008RT1.600ETLeft LnRedlight
R1-0.015RT1.596 on 1.580 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Chris MarkowskiRedlight
  2nd Annual ESP Light It Up Nationals - 06/25/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.062RT2.821ETLeft Ln
Q20.224RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.228RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Bill WagnerDQ
All Run Bracket
Q10.077RT1.854ETLeft Ln
R10.043RT1.910 on 1.800 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Ashley Arnold
R20.133RT1.972 on 1.850 DialRight LnDefeated Joshua Mercadel
R30.095RT2.083 on 1.850 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Chad Freeman
R4-0.021RT1.964 on 1.850 DialLeft LnLost to Michael DeesRedlight
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.131RT1.598ETRight Ln
Q20.086RT1.547ET82.1 mphLeft Ln
R10.047RT1.663ETRight LnLost to Ant Wren
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.106RT1.705ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.011RT1.720ET68.8 mphRight LnRedlight
R10.003RT1.754 on 1.650 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Grayson Webb
R20.002RT1.809 on 1.700 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Brandon Mares
R3-0.001RT59.999 on 1.700 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Sharon DeesRedlight
  4th Annual RLC Performance Engineering Super Nationals - 06/10/16
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar (2s)
Q10.159RT2.994ETLeft Ln
Q20.134RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
R10.003RT3.207ETLeft LnLost to Scott Davis
All Run Bracket
Q1-0.002RT2.648ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.065RT2.904 on 2.800 DialLeft LnDefeated Nate Carroll
R20.079RT2.539 on 2.400 DialLeft LnDefeated Trevor Lee
R30.055RT2.299 on 2.400 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Bill WagnerBreakout
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.054RT1.557ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.151RT1.515ETRight Ln
R1-0.023RT1.630ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Kevin SmithRedlight
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.034RT1.541ETRight Ln
Q2-0.042RT59.990ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.155RT2.919 on 2.600 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Norris Graves
2.50 Index
Q10.188RT2.621ETLeft Ln
R10.130RT2.498 on 2.500 DialLeft LnLost to Christian DukeBreakout
  The US Military Memorial Day Nationals - 05/28/16
All Run Bracket
Q10.239RT2.574ETRight Ln
R10.175RT2.373 on 2.450 DialLeft LnLost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.Breakout
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.069RT2.148ETLeft Ln
Q20.144RT2.192ETLeft Ln
R10.096RT2.180 on 2.100 DialRight LnLost to Bill Wagner
  Test and Tune - 05/14/16
2.50 Index
Q1-0.028RT2.878ETRight LnRedlight
R10.272RT2.707 on 2.500 DialRight LnLost to Randy Mayhew
  Raising Canes Spring Nationals - 04/30/16
All Run Bracket
Q10.002RT3.535ET34.0 mphRight Ln
R1-0.071RT3.779 on 3.400 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Courtney MayhewRedlight
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.144RT2.699ET52.8 mphLeft Ln
Q20.150RT3.059ET57.2 mphRight Ln
  The Ivy Lou Nationals - 04/16/16
All Run Bracket
Q10.078RT3.191ETLeft Ln
R10.045RT3.219 on 3.100 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Bill Wagner
R20.035RT3.433 on 3.100 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Richard Hohnholt
R3-0.082RT3.415 on 3.100 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Jessey WelchRedlight
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.294RT2.596ET60.0 mphLeft Ln
Q20.201RT5.196ET12.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.185RT2.558 on 2.550 DialRight LnDefeated Stephen Burden
R20.048RT2.398 on 2.530 DialLeft LnLost to Ashley ArnoldBreakout
  Lonnie's Plumbing RCDRL Texas Winternationals - 03/20/16
All Run Bracket
Q10.284RT3.786ETLeft Ln
R10.237RT3.571 on 3.430 DialRight LnDefeated Jessey Welch
R20.262RT3.731 on 3.500 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Aleasha Dees
R30.294RT3.521 on 3.500 DialLeft LnLost to Michael Dees

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