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Brian Boudakian
RCDRL Member # 216

Stats for Elimination Rounds
Brian Boudakian
All Classes
0Round Wins
N/AAvg R/T
Brian Boudakian
All Classes
14Round Wins
0.079Avg R/T

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Class Stats:

Class Bests for Brian Boudakian
includes qualifying and elimination rounds
Head to Head
      1.844 sec       .011 RT   8 laps
Traxxas Sportsman Funny Car       2.766 sec       .089 RT   8 laps
Pro Stock       2.345 sec       .029 RT   2 laps
Top Fuel Electric / Nitro       1.643 sec       .009 RT   24 laps
Traxxas Outlaw Funny Car       2.336 sec       .040 RT   6 laps
No Bracket Results

Best RT: 0.009   •   Best ET: 1.643   •   Best MPH: 85.4

Race History
  DM WoodWork Nationals RCDRL So Cal FINALS - 01/14/17
RCDRL California
Nitro Top Fuel Dragster
Q10.077RT1.744ET66.8 mphLeft Ln
Q20.009RT1.957ET44.2 mphRight Ln
R1-0.010RT1.796ET78.8 mphLeft Ln (Choice) ByeRedlight
R20.094RT1.772ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Dean Butts
Traxxas Outlaw Funnycar
Q10.092RT2.336ET54.0 mphLeft Ln
Q20.040RT2.410ET58.9 mphLeft Ln
R10.146RT2.882ET85.4 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Jeff Booth
Nitro Funny Car
Q10.030RT2.080ET71.4 mphLeft Ln
Q20.041RT1.844ET72.5 mphRight Ln
R10.011RT1.901ET73.7 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jeff Walker
  American Financial Network So Cal Nationals - 11/19/16
RCDRL California
Nitro Top Fuel Dragster
Q1-0.011RT1.703ETLeft LnRedlight
Q2-0.356RT2.085ET79.0 mphRight LnRedlight
R10.072RT1.756ET77.8 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Ralph Tocco
R20.025RT1.747ETLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R30.086RT99.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jeff Walker
Nitro Funny Car
Q10.098RT1.966ET70.7 mphLeft Ln
Q20.072RT1.999ET66.1 mphLeft Ln
R10.135RT2.036ET74.0 mphRight LnDefeated Ralph ToccoHoleshot
R20.037RT2.990ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Kelvin Grant
  Bob Wareham Excavating Nationals - 08/06/16
RCDRL California
Nitro Top Fuel Dragster
Q10.060RT1.751ETLeft Ln
Q20.216RT1.660ETRight Ln
R10.065RT1.738ET76.6 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Mike Smith
R20.082RT1.809ET71.8 mphRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R30.018RT1.790ET63.1 mphRight LnDefeated Dean ButtsHoleshot
Traxxas Outlaw Funnycar
Q1-0.401RT3.052ETLeft LnRedlight
Q259.990RT59.990ETRight Ln
R159.990RT59.990ETLeft LnLost to Ron FilkinsDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q20.045RT2.351ETLeft Ln
R10.029RT2.345ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Todd Soltero
  Allmark Impressions Thunder Nationals - 06/18/16
RCDRL California
Nitro Top Fuel Dragster
Q1-0.401RT2.942ETLeft LnRedlight
Q20.112RT1.777ET71.6 mphRight Ln
R10.189RT1.809ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Dean Butts
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar
Q10.174RT99.999ETRight Ln
Q20.138RT3.070ET46.7 mphLeft Ln
R10.132RT3.249ET45.6 mphRight LnLost to Todd Soltero
  RCDRL SO-CAL Too Hot 2 Handle Nationals - 08/22/15
RCDRL California
Nitro Top Fuel Dragster
Q10.073RT1.827ETLeft Ln
Q20.110RT1.661ET81.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.049RT1.796ET71.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R20.035RT1.643ET81.4 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Ken Jones Jr.
Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar
Q10.092RT2.766ETRight Ln
Q20.089RT4.626ETLeft Ln
R10.167RT3.083ET44.8 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Jesse Wareham

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